Friday, 6 September 2013

Mailbox full of treasures.

Today I received pretty Diddl stationery from Lola, I can't even tell how happy I was! ^.^ I have 3 swaps, 3 letters an 3 postcards to send, but no money for stamps. So many creative plans for tomorrow, mmm, I love being creative. I watched yesterday great film called "Sanctum", it was brilliant! I'm thinking now, that currently number 1 on my wishlist is own letter opener! 

Incoming little package from Japan! ^.^

White rabbit's clock necklace
Outgoing swap to Philippines. We have a deal - 10 adorable items (。♥‿♥。)

Beautiful postcard I received! 

September tea, Fairy bracelet, Venice notebook and Alice card.

Give away award, yay!

My mum wasn't into cooking that day ;)

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  1. The clock necklace is wonderful *-* I love it!


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