Saturday, 24 August 2013

You are my cure.

When I came back from Africa, my mailbox was full of sweet letters! I'm planning to spend weekend on writing back and preaparing swaps.  (◠◠) School year in Poland starts with 1st September, so this last week of vacations, I'm going to see "Percy Jackson" in cinema, bake New York Cheesecake and do as much creative things as possible. (☆^.^☆) 

Incoming from Essi, Finland.

Something japanese!!!

Adorable *.*

Hot chocolate on the airport

Me on the beach

Notebook, decorated by me :)


  1. Hey there! Thanks for the follow and sweet comment on my blog! What a neat one you have. I love seeing others incoming and outgoing. Mail is so fun! :)

  2. Welcome back :-) And oh my, that hot chocolate you had at the airport looks amazingly delicious.

  3. I like the notebook. Enjoy your last couple of days of freedom.


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