Thursday, 29 August 2013

My heart is thousand years old.

I created sweet secret parcel to one of my pen pal and I was so excited of doing it, that I forgot to take a picture before wrapping -...-  I don't have enough stationery but I made an order for washi tapes and kawaii notebooks. Logic. I'm working on my travel journal currently. And I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to eat apple pie (-^□^-) 
Chest where I keep some of my letters :)

Sweet letter from Emily, France, I loved it.

Great book+new wrapping paper+my mint pants.

My calligraphy on Alice in Wonderland quote.

Letter to Yasmeen, USA.

2 outgoing swaps (the pink one is a secret parcel).

I found it on my laptop. This is from year ago when I created my first letter ;D


  1. I REALLY want to get Angelfall<3 Just yesterday I was drooling after its sequel in a book blog <3

  2. Dear god, i love that chest!!!!!!

    Melissa// The mind of an exchange


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