Monday, 5 August 2013

Dark the stars and dark the moon.

I hate white, flat letters. I like all the colours of the rainbow, little decorations, tea and stickers. I'm still trying to find perfect cinamon buns recipe. And last week I created my first 5 postcards. I was not so much into postcrossing before. Yesterday I spent 6 hours on watching "Grey's Anatomy". Slight exaggeration.

Outgoing to Vanilja, France.

New super cute notebook+Pirates of the Carribean pencils.

One-time swap with Tjandra, Singapore, only stationery&stickers. I like this kind of swaps.

Letter to Essi, Finland.

Wrapped stuff to put in the swap for Sayuri, Spain.



  1. I hate sending white envelopes and letters written on white paper but I don't personally care what kind of letters I receive :) The look doesn't matter but what's written on the letter<3 :)

    1. I'm just saying that I like rainbow<3 :)

  2. That owl notebook! It's so sweet! Love the decoration you made on Essi's letter :) And yay for HP, are you a big fan?


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