Thursday, 1 August 2013

It's a letter writing kind of day.

Recently, I got many super sweet swaps. Tomorrow I'm going on vintage-adventure to look for some pretty stuff to put in the package to Spain! I baked yesterday cinamon buns that tasted better than stupid cheese sauce to the pasta! I'm a confectioner, not a cook. (☆_☆)  I started in August this "Disney project". Because I am a huge Disney fan I started to collect Disney theme postcards. So I am exchanging, around the world, Disney postcards for vintage postcards! Lot of fun! (✿‿

Kawaii swap from lovely Kika, Belgium!

I have a weakness for cute, blue and disney items.

Puffy cat sticker! =)

My precious box.

Magnificent spray-art.

Lucky lantern! I'm not on the photo, I was the photographer -,-


  1. The swap looks amazing!!
    Good luck with finding stuff for the swap to Spain!! :)

  2. Hi Corelay,
    Nice blog and I'm looking forward for more posts from you :)


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