Thursday, 29 August 2013

My heart is thousand years old.

I created sweet secret parcel to one of my pen pal and I was so excited of doing it, that I forgot to take a picture before wrapping -...-  I don't have enough stationery but I made an order for washi tapes and kawaii notebooks. Logic. I'm working on my travel journal currently. And I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to eat apple pie (-^□^-) 
Chest where I keep some of my letters :)

Sweet letter from Emily, France, I loved it.

Great book+new wrapping paper+my mint pants.

My calligraphy on Alice in Wonderland quote.

Letter to Yasmeen, USA.

2 outgoing swaps (the pink one is a secret parcel).

I found it on my laptop. This is from year ago when I created my first letter ;D

Saturday, 24 August 2013

You are my cure.

When I came back from Africa, my mailbox was full of sweet letters! I'm planning to spend weekend on writing back and preaparing swaps.  (◠◠) School year in Poland starts with 1st September, so this last week of vacations, I'm going to see "Percy Jackson" in cinema, bake New York Cheesecake and do as much creative things as possible. (☆^.^☆) 

Incoming from Essi, Finland.

Something japanese!!!

Adorable *.*

Hot chocolate on the airport

Me on the beach

Notebook, decorated by me :)

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

This is how an angel dies.

 Lately, I was shopping with my cousin. I have new mint blouse, "caramel waffle" bubble bath, beige blouse and nail polish in the colour of some mermaid's tail. My dad brought me perfume from France and my favourite jellies  =^.^=. And when I was looking for some kawaii stuff to put in swaps I found Hello Kitty notebooks for 5 cents   Of course it had to be a mistake, but I seized the opportunity and bought 20 of these notebooks. ⊙. 

Design, german dried flowers and illustration from "The Nutcracker". 
Notebook. I like floral pattern :)
Sweet incoming I.
Sweet incoming II.

Catch up in replying.

Monday, 5 August 2013

Dark the stars and dark the moon.

I hate white, flat letters. I like all the colours of the rainbow, little decorations, tea and stickers. I'm still trying to find perfect cinamon buns recipe. And last week I created my first 5 postcards. I was not so much into postcrossing before. Yesterday I spent 6 hours on watching "Grey's Anatomy". Slight exaggeration.

Outgoing to Vanilja, France.

New super cute notebook+Pirates of the Carribean pencils.

One-time swap with Tjandra, Singapore, only stationery&stickers. I like this kind of swaps.

Letter to Essi, Finland.

Wrapped stuff to put in the swap for Sayuri, Spain.


Thursday, 1 August 2013

It's a letter writing kind of day.

Recently, I got many super sweet swaps. Tomorrow I'm going on vintage-adventure to look for some pretty stuff to put in the package to Spain! I baked yesterday cinamon buns that tasted better than stupid cheese sauce to the pasta! I'm a confectioner, not a cook. (☆_☆)  I started in August this "Disney project". Because I am a huge Disney fan I started to collect Disney theme postcards. So I am exchanging, around the world, Disney postcards for vintage postcards! Lot of fun! (✿‿

Kawaii swap from lovely Kika, Belgium!

I have a weakness for cute, blue and disney items.

Puffy cat sticker! =)

My precious box.

Magnificent spray-art.

Lucky lantern! I'm not on the photo, I was the photographer -,-