Sunday, 6 October 2013

Vintage letters.

Autumn is a perfect season for vintage. In my love for kawaii, Disney, Diddl, cute and sparkly things I forgot how beautiful vintage letters can be. So in October I'll be writing only vintage letters! :D That's a little project of my own. Now, I'm going to make white hot chocolate and start writing an essay on my french class. Have a lovely Sunday!

Collecting vintage materials.

I Vintage Letter - Japan.

II Vintage letter - Finland.

Wax seal.

And there you are! First vintage letters!

Very large package of Spanish marshmallows!
Incoming little parcel from Japan.

Saturday, 28 September 2013

I live for surprises.

On Monday I was very disappointed. Package swap from England came -or maybe I should say-an envelope from England. It was completely empty! On the envelope was "Damaged during travelling" stamp. And that's all. Wonka sweets, London souvenirs and cute items are lost forever. (╥_╥) I'm looking for Diddl stationery. Loads of Diddl stuff was in Poland 5 yrs ago, but now it's impossible to find anything Diddl in my country. But I know that in Finland or Belgium you still have it. Diddl means childhood for me and let's be honest - it's adorable! I have so many Halloween plans! Pumpkin pie, "The nightmare before christmas", Halloween swaps and others. I can't wait! ^_^

Working on vintage letters.

Veeery long letter.
My travel journal.

I loved that shirt!

So I bought it! And few more things - Venice fantasy book and nail polishes with brocade.

I love this quote!

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Little kindnesses makes our days.

I am waiting for the autumn to start. (*▽*). I have so many ideas and projects going on in my head, that I no longer keep up. September is a month of mint colour, strawberry tea, braided bangs and cinema. I watched "City of Bones", "Blue Jasmine" and "Percy Jackson". I'm writing an essay about angels on my poetry class, how great is that! ^.^

This stationery is adorable.

Let's go to an amusement park!

Outgoing swap to Priya, Philippines.

Great print on my new blouse. It was super cheap, not even 1$.


Monthly swap from Kika, Belgium!
Letter from Aylin, Turkey.
Mickey letter from Essi, Finland. She sent me Disney postcards for my collection, yay!